Friday 8 August 2014

We have a pass!!!

After nearly 3 years, 1 baby and a workshop move I'm pleased to say that yesterday GBS got my beloved Zero through the IVA.

After building with absolute commitment for the first 2 years I must admit other priorities meant I got distracted. An IVA fail in September 13 and not enough time to resolve before the retest, I decided to pack the car off to GBS so they could do their work. A list of bits to fix and a new camshaft, I have an IVA passed car. Not the cheapest method but clearly effective.

Now I just need to get the car back whilst GBS sort out the registration paperwork.

A big thank you to Simon at GBS for all the hours he has put in over the last week or so.

Pictures to follow once I have the car home.

Wednesday 6 August 2014

GBS to the rescue

So after months of debate I have decided to send the car the GBS so that can fix the car, test it and send it back to me registered as a fully functioning vehicle.

Courtesy of Paul Bowden Logistics, fully enclosed trailer, big enough for a Ferrari!

Good news to follow shortly (hopefully!).

Thursday 24 July 2014

The IVA retest that never was

With a week or so before the IVA retest I wanted to get the car running again and have a weekend of essentially burning fuel.

The car started almost as soon as the fuel made it up to the carb, it settled at idle for a little while however as I brought the revs up to about 3000 it just died. There was a puff of smoke back out the carb, nothing special about the smoke.

Went to restart the car, it won't start! The engine turns, you can see the fuel pumping up (mechanical pump) but no fire. I've checked the wiring to the coil, all ok, checked that the coil is generating a spark to the dizzy, ok, each of the ht leads is creating a spark. This leaves me to think maybe the spark plugs are shot.

I took the plugs out, very black and a little damp. I've cleaned them and dried them but no such luck on the engine. I will purchase some new plugs this week to try.

It's a 2L pinto, 32/36 carb and a mechanical pump. It's a brand new carb but was in the car for the original IVA where the car was fine going through all the tests (except noise!). 

Safe to say I never made it to the test!

    IVA Fail

    There has been a bit of gap between my last post and this event in September 13. The build stalled with my priorities changing, the birth of my first child.

    So in September 13 I had managed to get the car ready for the IVA. I attended my IVA in Southampton, conducted by Andy from their office. I had mixed reviews about Southampton but all I can say is that Andy was helpful, complimentary of the car and genuinely seemed like he wanted the car to pass. However it failed, some more major issues than others but overall nothing too worrying.

    1) Exhaust 109db instead of the 99bd limit - using small silencer bought as an early GBS exhaust
    2) Brake bias - failed on the rollers, suggested that I need the Sierra brake valve (G-Valve?)
    3) Differential - extra washers required rather than the GBS spacers supplied
    4) Key switch in dash protrudes too much
    5) Bolt in passenger compartment needs a cap
    6) Trim on rear supports and centre console edges
    7) Fuel lines - extra support in engine bay
    8 ) VIN letter sizing - 3mm numbers rather the required 3.5mm. Also some rusting from the rain enroute.
    9) Column shroud - required on the lower half of the column to tidy up block any ignition wiring
    10) Steering column rubber mount had slipped - needs securing!
    11) Rubber boot on the coil positive

    Nothing too difficult except for the brakes, I had new drums and discs so maybe a mistake on my part. Exhaust is a cost I'd rather without.