Thursday 24 July 2014

The IVA retest that never was

With a week or so before the IVA retest I wanted to get the car running again and have a weekend of essentially burning fuel.

The car started almost as soon as the fuel made it up to the carb, it settled at idle for a little while however as I brought the revs up to about 3000 it just died. There was a puff of smoke back out the carb, nothing special about the smoke.

Went to restart the car, it won't start! The engine turns, you can see the fuel pumping up (mechanical pump) but no fire. I've checked the wiring to the coil, all ok, checked that the coil is generating a spark to the dizzy, ok, each of the ht leads is creating a spark. This leaves me to think maybe the spark plugs are shot.

I took the plugs out, very black and a little damp. I've cleaned them and dried them but no such luck on the engine. I will purchase some new plugs this week to try.

It's a 2L pinto, 32/36 carb and a mechanical pump. It's a brand new carb but was in the car for the original IVA where the car was fine going through all the tests (except noise!). 

Safe to say I never made it to the test!

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