Wednesday 6 June 2012

Dash is fitted!

Taking full advantage of the bank holiday weekend I managed to finish fitting the dash. I only had about ten wires to crimp and then needed to bolt it all up to the car. All in all this took a couple of hours as the centre consol needed slightly realigning. I'm really pleased with how it all looks, can't wait to connect up my battery to test it. After thinking about how to test it all I realised I would need to remove the dash just to get to the fuse box to connect up the battery wires, d'oh!!
Once this was finished I decided to tidy up both the front and rear light wiring. No pictures of this but just a focus on how I want the build to look clean & tidy. Going on the hope that a good looking car with give the IVA man some confidence in the build!

Following this I refocused back to the engine bay, starting with an adjustable fan switch. I've taken the probe in through a join in the hoses rather than the top of the radiator. This position sits just above one of the chassis supports so is an ideal location of the switch.
Once again I tackled the alternator, in the last few weeks I've purchased a Westfield pinto alternator mount, this is perfect for the job! Holds the alternator just off the engine and aligns the pulley nicely with the engine. All I need now is the add some steel to the standard alternator arm as this doesn't quite reach over the alternator. With this in (finally), I fitted the exhaust manifold. All I need now is a new 10mm drill piece so that I can firmly fit the exhaust can. Having this fitted it really gives the car a more complete look (except the missing seats, bonnet and nose!!).