Friday 8 August 2014

We have a pass!!!

After nearly 3 years, 1 baby and a workshop move I'm pleased to say that yesterday GBS got my beloved Zero through the IVA.

After building with absolute commitment for the first 2 years I must admit other priorities meant I got distracted. An IVA fail in September 13 and not enough time to resolve before the retest, I decided to pack the car off to GBS so they could do their work. A list of bits to fix and a new camshaft, I have an IVA passed car. Not the cheapest method but clearly effective.

Now I just need to get the car back whilst GBS sort out the registration paperwork.

A big thank you to Simon at GBS for all the hours he has put in over the last week or so.

Pictures to follow once I have the car home.

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